Conflicts of InterestInquiries are requested to make by email with sufficient information to help us ascertain related situations.
Moreover, send us by e-mail relevant documents including articles of agreement.
Clinical research related inquiries, however, are to be referred to the responsible section for each faculty or the University of Tsukuba Hospital.

    Office of Conflict of Interest and Security Export Control

  • Responsible Staff
  • E-mailcoisec●   (Replace “●” with “@”)
  • TEL+81-29-853-2877
  • FAX+81-29-853-5816
  • COI AdvisorSHINYA Yukiko
  • E-mailyshinya●   (Replace “●” with “@”)
Security Export Control

○Where to submit check sheets and other documentsperson in charge of export control in the department (update Jun, 2019)(only from on campus)

○Where to make inquiries on security related technology transfer, goods export, and accepting foreign students/researchers:

    Security Export Control Manager: NAKATA Shuji, MIYASHITA fumiko

  • E-mailanzenhosyo/